200 TPH (SDRC)

Iron crushing Plant- Raipur, Chattisgarh

The 200 TPH Iron Crushing Plant is a specialized and efficient solution designed to process iron ore, one of the key raw materials in the steel manufacturing industry. This plant incorporates the Smooth Double Roll Crusher as the primary crushing equipment, ensuring smooth and effective crushing of the iron ore to the desired size for further processing.

Smooth Double Roll Crusher:

The Smooth Double Roll Crusher is a reliable and robust crushing machine that utilizes two smooth, cylindrical rolls rotating in opposite directions at a predetermined speed. These rolls are mounted parallel to each other, and the gap between them can be adjusted to control the final particle size of the crushed material. The rolls are usually made of high-quality wear-resistant materials to withstand the abrasiveness of the iron ore.




1.Primary Crushing:

The Smooth Double Roll Crusher acts as the primary crusher in the 200 TPH Iron Crushing Plant. It receives the raw iron ore from the feeder and breaks it down to a smaller size. The rolls exert compressive force on the material, effectively reducing its size and preparing it for the subsequent stages of the crushing process.

2.Crushing Efficiency:

The smooth surface of the rolls ensures minimal friction during the crushing operation, allowing for a higher crushing efficiency. This results in a uniform and well-graded product with reduced fines, which is essential for the efficient operation of downstream processes, such as grinding and beneficiation. Overall, the 200 TPH Iron Crushing Plant with the Smooth Double Roll Crusher as its primary crushing equipment is a well-designed and efficient solution for processing iron ore. The plant is engineered to handle large volumes of iron ore, providing a reliable and consistent supply of crushed material for further processing and steel production. Its reliable performance, low maintenance needs, and ability to produce well-graded aggregates make it an essential component in iron ore processing operations.