250 TPH

Crushing & Screening Plant- Dhandhuka, Gujarat

The 250TPH Capacity Crushing and Screening Plant is a robust and efficient solution designed to handle large-scale crushing operations. This plant incorporates state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high productivity, excellent crushing and screening performance, and reliable operation.

1. MTJ 118 Jaw Crusher:

The MTJ 118 is a powerful and heavy-duty jaw crusher, capable of handling large feed sizes. Its primary function is to reduce the size of raw materials from the quarry, such as blasted rock, granite, or limestone. The jaw crusher uses a fixed jaw plate and a moving jaw plate to exert pressure on the feed material, breaking it down into smaller pieces. With its high crushing capacity and large feed opening, the MTJ 118 efficiently processes even the toughest materials.

2. MTC 3000 Cone Crusher:

The MTC 3000 is a high-performance cone crusher designed for secondary and tertiary crushing applications. It takes the crushed material from the jaw crusher and further reduces its size. The cone crusher operates by squeezing the material between an eccentrically rotating mantle and a concave, creating finer and more uniform-sized particles. Its robust construction and advanced features make it suitable for producing aggregates with excellent shape and size distribution.

3. MVS1850 IIID Vibrating Screen:

The MVS1850 IIID is a triple-deck vibrating screen capable of sorting and separating crushed materials into different sizes. This inclined vibrating screen uses a set of vibrating decks with different-sized apertures to efficiently classify the material. The smaller particles fall through the openings in the lower decks, while larger particles are conveyed to the next crushing stage. The MVS1850 IIID helps ensure the final products meet the desired specifications for different applications.

4. MTV 17 VSI (Vertical Shaft Impactor):

The MTV 17 VSI, also known as a Vertical Shaft Impactor, is a specialized crusher used for shaping and producing high-quality manufactured sand. It operates on the principle of accelerating the feed material to high speeds in a crushing chamber lined with anvils and impact plates. As the material impacts against itself, it breaks down into cubical-shaped fine particles, suitable for concrete and asphalt production. The VSI is also effective in reducing the amount of flaky and elongated particles in the final product.


Product Output

The below are the different sizes of final aggregates or materials that are produced after the crushing and screening process in the plant. These various product outputs are carefully categorized based on their size ranges to meet specific construction or industrial requirements.

  • GSB
  • WMM
  • 63 MM
  • 40 MM
  • 20 MM
  • 10 MM
  • 6 MM
  • M-SAND

Overall, this crushing and screening plant is engineered to handle a wide range of materials, from hard and abrasive rocks to softer aggregates. The combination of the MTJ 118 Jaw Crusher, MTC 3000 Cone Crusher, MVS1850 IIID Vibrating Screen, and MTV 17 VSI ensures high production efficiency, superior product quality, and reduced downtime. With its robust design and reliable components, the plant is built to withstand the demanding conditions of quarrying and mining operations, making it a valuable asset for any large-scale aggregate production project.