350 TPH

Crushing & Screening Plant- Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

The 350TPH Capacity Crushing and Screening Plant is a comprehensive and advanced solution designed to efficiently process a large volume of materials in crushing applications. The incorporation of high-quality equipment ensures optimal performance, productivity, and reliability throughout the crushing and screening process.

1. Reciprocating Feeder 1200/3000 mm:

The Reciprocating Feeder is the primary equipment responsible for feeding raw materials into the crushing and screening system. It is a sturdy and durable feeder with a width of 1200 mm and a length of 3000 mm. The feeder’s reciprocating motion allows it to push the material forward, ensuring a steady and controlled feed rate to the subsequent stages of the plant. This feeder is capable of handling large-sized and heavy materials, making it ideal for feeding blasted rocks and other coarse aggregates into the primary crusher.

2. Scalping Screen 1200/4000 mm IID:

The Scalping Screen, with a size of 1200/4000 mm, is an essential component of the primary stage. It is an inclined vibrating screen with two or more decks that help remove the fines and undersized materials from the feed before entering the primary crusher. The scalping process enhances the plant’s efficiency by reducing the load on the primary crusher, preventing unnecessary wear and tear, and improving the overall production capacity.

3. MTJ 118 Jaw Crusher:

The MTJ 118 Jaw Crusher is a heavy-duty and high-capacity primary crusher that plays a crucial role in the crushing process. It is designed to handle large feed sizes of up to 950 mm and has a crushing capacity of 350 TPH. The jaw crusher employs a fixed jaw plate and a moving jaw plate to compress and crush the feed material. This results in the creation of smaller-sized aggregates suitable for further processing. The sturdy construction and reliable components of the MTJ 118 ensure consistent and efficient crushing performance.

4. MVS1850 IIID Vibrating Screen:

The MVS1850 IIID is a triple-deck vibrating screen used to segregate the crushed materials into different sizes and grades. With three decks, this vibrating screen efficiently separates the material into various fractions, ensuring high-quality final products. Its inclined design facilitates the movement of the material along the screen surface, enabling effective screening and accurate sizing of aggregates.

5. MTJ 122 Secondary Jaw Crusher:

The MTJ 122 Secondary Jaw Crusher is employed for further reducing the size of the crushed material from the primary jaw crusher. With a crushing capacity of 350 TPH, this secondary crusher can handle a wide range of materials, making it suitable for various applications. It works in conjunction with the primary jaw crusher to produce well-graded and evenly sized aggregates, ensuring the production of high-quality final products.

Overall, this 350TPH Capacity Crushing and Screening Plant is a well-engineered and efficient system that can handle a diverse range of materials. The combination of the Reciprocating Feeder, Scalping Screen, MTJ 118 Jaw Crusher, MVS1850 IIID Vibrating Screen, and MTJ 122 Secondary Jaw Crusher ensures high productivity, excellent product quality, and reduced downtime. This plant is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of quarrying and mining operations, making it a reliable solution for large-scale aggregate production projects.


Product Output

The below are the different sizes of final aggregates or materials that are produced after the crushing and screening process in the plant. These various product outputs are carefully categorized based on their size ranges to meet specific construction or industrial requirements.

  • 5 MM
  • 10 MM
  • 5-30 MM
  • 30-45 MM
  • 30-60 MM