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Facts You Need To Know About Jaw Crusher


What is the process of Crushing?

Initially, there is a need to crush the materials obtained by quarrying/explosion in the Mining and Construction sectors to decrease them to a small size to be used. This process is indicated as Size Modification or Crushing.

Jaw Crusher is utilized for primary and secondary Crushing. This method is used for crushing large blocks of hard and abrasive material.

Jaw crushers come with two jaws. One jaw is fixed, the other is mobile. The material is crushed between the jaws by the reciprocating motion of the movable jaw.

The fixed jaw is held against the moving jaw, which compresses the material from the top of the machine, and breaks it down into smaller pieces. When the moving jaw moves away from the fixed jaw to the crusher’s bottom, the crushed material is expelled from it. The space between the jaws determines the size of the material that is being removed.

Types of Jaw Crusher


Single Toggle Jaw Crusher

An eccentric shaft drives the pitman, which powers the moveable jaw of single-toggle jaw crushers. The pitman is backed by a toggle plate found at the bottom end of the adjustable jaw. The toggle plate is compressed between the toggle plate and the main body. This process allows any point on the jaw to move in an elliptical circle. This mechanism is also known as the four-bar linkage movement. This movement is created by the moveable jaw, which applies pressure and friction forces to crush the material.

Double Toggle Jaw Crusher

In double-toggle jaw-crushers, the pitman is mounted on a stationary shaft that is not eccentric. The pitman is attached to the driven camshaft via hinges. It is also coupled to two toggle plates on each side. The toggle plate on the left holds the jaw-supporting block, while the main body attaches to the toggle plates on the right.

  • Increased productivity is possible when there’s a minimum of power consumption and high-quality functionality.
  • Gap adjustment that is easy to use and well-aligned, with uniform product sizing.
  • Maintenance is easy and affordable.
  • Grease lubrication to improve cubical movement form. Can optimize the output size by using a cubical shape.

Double-toggle jaw-crushing machines have a mechanism that applies pressure only to the material.

Double-toggle jaws crushers cost more than standard jaws crushers when compared at a price. Double-toggle jaws can be used for extremely hard or abrasive material crushing. Single-toggle jaws are more common in the aggregate industry.

Double-toggle jaw-crushing units have a longer life expectancy because they don’t exert friction force.

Why should you choose the Mechtech Jaw Crusher?

Customers remain permanently affiliated with ‘MECHTECH’ to achieve their manufacturing goals because of the engineering experience spanning over three decades and exceptional after-sales support. Mechtech Jaw Crushers are proudly made in India and have over 4000 installations both locally and internationally.

Our engineering expertise and lean production processes have enabled Mechtech to respond to changing customer and application needs.